Study Bachelor of Arts in Lithuania

Study Bachelor of Arts in Lithuania

Studying Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is the most comman among Bachelor degrees and usually the first academic degree that is achieved at a university or other higher education institutions.

It is mainly awarded to, but not limited to students following a programme in the liberal arts. Especially traditional universities such as Cambridge or Oxford award the Bachelor of Arts to all of their subjects, including the scientific ones.

The study duration of a Bachelor's programme is usually three to four years and it is usually referred to as undergraduate studies. In the UK a three-year Bachelor is also referred to as Basic or Minors Bachelor whereas the four-year Bachelor is referred to as honours Bachelor (or Bachelor (Honours)).

The Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) is mainly awarded to students in the areas of Social Sciences, Linguistics, Cultural Sciences but also studies informatics and business sciences can be awarded with a Bachelor of Arts instead of a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.).

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18 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor's degrees in Lithuania

B.A. Fashion Design

The Fashion Design programme from Vytautas Magnus University encompasses practical, analytic and technological aspects of fashion design. Students are introduced to all methods of the process of garment production from the research and idea development to illustration, modeling, cutting, sewing and presenting.

Faculty of Arts
B.A. Psychology

The Psychology program from the LCC International University combines perspectives from both the social sciences and biological sciences to assist graduates in gaining an understanding of the processes underlying human behavior. Graduates will be prepared to continue their education in clinical or research programs, or to pursue careers in a variety of social service fields.

Social Sciences
B.A. Music Production

The Music Production programme from Vytautas Magnus University aims to equip contemporary music producers with everything they need in their successful professional career. Everything you learn is designed to help you to start your own successful career. You will create real life projects according to the on-going possibilities at the university (performing at live events, media compositions, music concerts).

Faculty of Arts
B.A. English Philology

The Programme from Vytautas Magnus University aims at preparing English Philology specialists with a broad range of knowledge who know English well, grasp the fundamental philological information and acquire the competences necessary for scholarly work in translation, literary theory and teaching the English language, as well as being able to successfully apply their knowledge of English philology in practice.

Faculty of Humanities
B.A. World Politics and Economy

The World Politics and Economy programme from Vytautas Magnus University incorporates two main disciplines: political science and economy. Graduates of the programme achieve double diploma in Political Science and Economic Science.

Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy
B.A. Theology

A major in theology gives students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of God, His Word and His World. It also provides excellent preparation for Christian leadership in a variety of settings. The development of critical thinking and writing skills, which are required for theological study, may lead graduates to diverse professions in a fast-changing society.

Humanitarian studies
B.A. International Relations and Development

The undergraduate program in International Relations and Development aims at training globally minded international relations and development professionals. The program prepares graduates who are able to understand, explain, critically analyze, and evaluate both local and international events, ideas, issues, and interests. Graduates will also be able to evaluate how those topics shape international relations and policies especially those related to the process of development. Because of the growing international socio-political and educational importance of NGOs, this bachelor-level degree program includes a strong focus on NGOs and civil initiatives and their role in regional governance and development projects.

Social Sciences
B.A. Art of Performance

Art of performance study programme is intended for the training of broad specialisation music performers who are capable of engaging in public performance activity, interpretation of musical compositions of various styles and genres, well-familiar with the basic principles of music language and music history, possess humanitarian and other knowledge, are capable of critical assessment of the repertoire selected and performance quality, expanding their horizons and engaging in self-training.

Faculty of Music
B.A. Business Administration

The program will prepare graduates who are capable of entering successful careers in governmental and non-governmental organizations, international institutions, local and national public administrations and multinational businesses. Program graduates will be qualified for and aspire to careers in international relations and development cooperation work, specifically: negotiations, diplomacy, conflict resolution, peace-keeping, NGO’s, advocacy, human rights protection, civil-society initiatives, philanthropy, and sustainable community development.

Social Sciences
B.A. Composition

The programme is intended for the teaching of bachelors in composition able to create original music, perform professional arrangements and work with computer software of music composition, with good understanding of problems of today's composition, composition principles and technologies, the latest tendencies of modern music and able to professionally write and arrange music for symphonic and chamber orchestras, chamber ensembles, choir and soloists, electronic and media technologies.

Faculty of Music
B.A. Contemporary Communication

Graduates from the Contemporary Communication program will be well-equipped for successful career development. They will have a unique blend of both hard (deliverable creation development, media, etc.) and soft (interpersonal and intercultural communication, leadership, and oral presentation) skills that will help them move ahead in the highly competitive job market. Communication program graduates will learn what it takes to be a leader, which is necessary for emerging professionals within this sector. Many will be able to create their own success as entrepreneurs.

Social Sciences
B.A. Art Management

Art management bachelor’s study programme is aimed at moulding managerial and creative skills necessary for professional activities, profound knowledge of art and culture, general competences and communication skills: graduates know the history of film, theatre and music and the contemporary trends of these arts, are aware of classical and modern management theories and have hands-on managerial skills as well as specialist knowledge pertaining to their profession, humanities, economics, cultural policy, etc.

Faculty of Theatre and Film.
B.A. English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature program from the LCC International University is designed for a wide range of future possibilities because it includes preparation in the fields of teaching, translation and interpretation, and literature. Students choose the English program because they wish to be involved in the international world of teaching, business, government, international affairs, peacemaking and any occupation that calls for highly-developed skills in an oral and written communication that is becoming universally accepted.

Humanitarian studies
B.A. Geodesy

The aim of Professional Bachelor's Degree programme in Geodesy is to prepare highly qualified, competent professionals having acquired a higher collegial education and professional competencies that allow independently to deal with surveying, mapping, and real estate cadastre, registry, planning tasks, and to do a complex job requiring personal responsibility and being able to further improve in the learning process and successfully adapt to changing labour market.

B.A. Oral Hygiene

Club's ongoing oral hygiene program of study, unlike their counterparts in other Lithuanian higher education programs, special attention is paid to oral health education in the community. Oral hygiene program students are actively involved in the ongoing teachers' unique Lithuania with oral health-related quality of life science applied research in various community groups.