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Bachelor Joint Undergraduate & Graduate Degree in Liberal Arts

Designed for highly motivated students with a proven track record in the professional arena, this Joint Undergraduate & Graduate Degree in Liberal Arts from Harvard University provides an accelerated pathway to earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree within four years. Through a cohort experience, you become a big-picture, critical thinker with in-depth management expertise.

B.Sc. Science and Engineering

Tampere University of Technology’s International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering, BSc (Tech) is Finland’s first University-level Bachelor’s programme in English in the field of technology. As a student of the programme, you can choose your major subject among Mathematics, Physics, and Information and Communications Technology. Multidisciplinary studies give you a solid basis in several core fields of engineering as well as employable skills which make you well-prepared for the international world of research and industry!

Faculty of Natural Sciences
B.Sc. Science and Technology

The programme offers a broad overview of natural and exact sciences and technologies. Students have an option to choose between specialising in genetics and biotechnology, bioengineering and robotics or chemistry and materials science.


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Natural sciences include disciplines that describe, predict, and understanding natural phenomena. These can be categorised into life sciences including ecology, anatomy, agriculture, or botany; and physical sciences including disciplines belonging to the fields of physics, earth sciences, astronomy, chemistry, and more.

Natural sciences form the basis for applied science subjects, which use the principles and theories developed by natural sciences. More specialised sub-disciplines of natural sciences include earth science, astronomy, behavioural science, anthropology, geology and others.

Mathematics studies quantity, space and spatial relations, change and structure, also forming the basis of a wide range of scientific disciplines. Its main function is to count, calculate and measure, but the diverse applications of math play a main role in statistics, game theory, cryptography, finance, economics, philosophy and many other areas of life.

Graduates of disciplines belonging to natural sciences benefit from extensive scientific knowledge, as well as skills in communication, numeracy and information technology. They will also be able to solve complex problems, while making best use of resources available. Math students make use of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and diverse mathematical concepts.

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