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Suggested Bachelors in Criminology

B.Sc. Justice Studies

Unlike other criminal justice programs that are limited in scope and depth the Southern New Hampshire University Justice Studies major provides both a solid foundation in core competencies and in-depth, targeted areas of study in specialty fields.

Bachelor Anti-Fraude Professional

Deze anti-fraude opleiding is al jarenlang dé opleiding in Nederland voor het vermijden en bestrijden van fraude in uw organisatie. In 13 complete lessen leert u alles over het opzetten en implementeren van een anti-fraude programma, over ethiek en integriteit, fraudepreventie en -detectie, fraude onderzoek, digitaal rechercheren, fraude en corruptie, boekhoudfraude, witwassen, de afhandeling van fraude en compliance.

B.A. Criminology

The major in Criminology at the University of South Florida provides students with in-depth exposure to all facets of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, detention, the judiciary, corrections, juvenile justice and probation and parole.

College of Behavioral & Community Sciences
Bachelor Ciências Forenses e Criminais (Licenciatura)

A licenciatura de Ciências Forenses e Criminais, do Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz (ISCSEM), apresenta um programa inovador e pioneiro em Portugal. Este surge como resposta à necessidade de se formar cientistas forenses, com competências abrangentes e interdisciplinares nas diferentes áreas das ciências naturais, com uma forte componente laboratorial, capazes de realizar uma efetiva análise de cena de crime.


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Criminology is a multidisciplinary science that studies a diverse set of information related to criminal activities such as individual and group criminal activities, perpetrator psychology and effective means of rehabilitation. Criminology degrees examine social reaction to crime, methods and procedures to prevent and combat crime and social protection from crime. Criminology combines theories from other disciplines like psychology, sociology and law.

Curricula of Masters in Criminology offer students information on juvenile delinquency, cultures of crime, neighbourhood dynamics of crime, deviance and social control, terrorism, forensic science and criminal justice.

Students will acquire relevant knowledge of public policies and the ability to interpret their impact on society. They also develop skills like critical observation and attention to detail, strong analytical and investigative thinking. A criminology expert has a thorough knowledge of research methods and understands causes of criminal behaviour.

Graduates can find jobs in the field as counsellors, drug enforcement officials, investigative agents, probation officers or community development workers.

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