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Bachelor Pedagogy

Our education constantly relates to the world of today with zest and with profoundness. DNS - it can be said - equips our students on all fronts. DNS Tvind - The Necessary Teacher Training College offers the Bachelor in Alternative Pedagogy course.

Volunteer - Teach - Travel & Take a BA in Pedagogy
B.A. Psychology - Mental Health

Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Mental Health from Southern New Hampshire University and become well versed in major psychological concepts, human behavior and research methods. You’ll develop critical thinking and communications skills important to communicating effectively in many formats. And you’ll also enjoy small class sizes and easy access to expert faculty and dedicated advisors.

B.A. Music

Maastricht Academy of Music is an internationally oriented music academy and is part of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. It is located in the centre of Europe, close to Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, and France. Because of its international position, there are ample opportunities to gain experience on important national and international stages.

Conservatorium Maastricht


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Education and training engages students in the investigation of educational theory, policy, research and practice, and prepares them to pass knowledge and best practices to others. Sub-disciplines of education and training address the diverse needs of students in a variety of fields, including: school education, higher education, vocational education, counselling, coaching, international education, academic research, continuing education, adult education, online education, and more.

Education and training features a high level of multidisciplinary study, including knowledge of psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, history and more.

Future educators and trainers are expected to think critically and creatively about the processes of teaching and its place in society. In addition to the teaching profession, students are prepared for working in educational research as well as policy-making and organisation. They gain advanced knowledge on such topics as: learning theory, instructional design, methods of instruction, learning technologies, knowledge delivery, assessment methods.

Besides teaching, graduates may practice in non-profits and policy agencies, or aim to complete a doctorate in a chosen field of study. Career examples include athletics coaching, corporate training, emergency medical services (EMS) education, English as a second language (ESL) instruction, health education, life coaching, military training, public service, etc.

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