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Political science studies ways to effectively govern a state and examines in detail how various regulatory institutions function. Political science encompasses studies of historical and cultural factors that mutually influence how governments operate and how political processes develop. The political science discipline also reflects the connections between political and economic structures and social institutions.

Topics covered by programmes in political science include: research methods in political science, parties and political regimes, early modern political thought, international political economy, refugee crisis, or politics of capitalism.

Future political scientists will be able to understand government structures, as well as cultural and political diversity in the context of local or international politics. Students in political science will gain skills in conducting interpretive analytical reports based on data acquired during research. They will also attain an international and culturally sensitive perspective on hot topic issues related to the well-being of population, and they will develop deductive reasoning.

Graduated students can find jobs in various fields like: law, journalism and communications, international organisation, finance, polling and campaign management, community service and more.

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Suggested Bachelors in Political Science

B.Sc. Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Our bachelor Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) will prepare you for future leadership positions in business, politics, academia, and beyond. It offers thorough knowledge of the three core disciplines, and teaches students to apply this in an integrated way. It offers extensive possibilities for a period of study abroad or an internship. Our programme is small scale and intensive, and courses in the programme include guest lectures by international renowned scholars and leaders from the world of economics and politics. In short: an exciting programme for tomorrow’s leaders!

B.A. Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at John Cabot University, Rome Italy has as its focus the theoretical and methodological aspects of the study of Politics and, more broadly, the Social Sciences. An understanding of the historical and behavioral aspects of political life is the foundation on which the curriculum for this degree is based.

Pre-Bachelor University Pathway Program - Political Science

ONCAMPUS Texas helps international students succeed – academically, socially, and professionally – with a one-year support program delivered at the University of North Texas. Through this University Pathway Program - Political Science course you will earn a full year of college credits, living and learning in the center of Texas, and become prepared to complete your chosen degree at the University of North Texas.

United States
B.A. International Politics and Law

This degree enables you to study the closely related fields of international politics and law. The course is designed for those planning a career in law, public service, journalism, international organisations and diplomacy (such as the United Nations or the European Union) or non-governmental organisations (such as Oxfam or Amnesty). It will also prepare you in political analysis.

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