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Terrorism and security degrees study the history and behaviours that lead to terrorist acts, as well as protective measures to combat them and ensure the safety of civilian population all over the globe.

Terrorism systematically uses violence through assassinations, bombings explosion or sabotage in an attempt to overturn legal power through repressive activity. Security measures are taken to protect nations from attacks or other dangers by holding adequate armed forces and guarding state secrets. Security is upheld through sets of decisions, plans, measures and arrangements to prevent and effectively counter threats that endanger national interests and values. The terrorism and security borrows knowledge from disciplines such as international relations, international development and political science.

Main topics of courses in terrorism and security studies cover: history of terrorism, cyber security, warfare in the 21st century, aviation terrorism and security, terrorist ideologies, international relations theories and practice.

Students will gain a complete understanding on how concepts of terrorism and security work and they will be able to apply critical and analytical thinking to solving problems related to terrorist actions. They will also develop technical research skills in order to interpret facts and evidence, and make correlations between historical facts and contemporary international relations.

Career options for graduates include jobs like: security analyst, correctional treatment specialist, intelligence analyst. They can work in areas like foreign affairs and departments of defence.

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Suggested Bachelors in Terrorism & Security

B.Sc. Security Studies

The Security Studies programme is a three-year BSc degree. It is a full-time programme, which means that throughout your degree, you will study 40 hours per week on average. This is a combination of in-class hours and self-study.

Pre-Bachelor Undergraduate Pathway in Safety Technology

The Undergraduate Pathway in Safety Technology leads to a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, Computer and Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Digital Forensics and Information Assurance, Integrated Science and Technology, Natural Resources and Recreation Management or Safety Technology at INTO Marshall University.

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