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Economics is a science that was born in the Ancient Greece and developed into a complex study of financial entities. The objects of study are economic agents and their particular activity, as well as their evolution. Microeconomics, the field that studies the basic elements of the markets, including agents, while macroeconomics focuses on the entire economy and the factors that affect it. Microeconomics and macroeconomics are the two main sub-disciplines of economy.

Business schools and universities provide in depth degrees in economics at all degree levels. Students who enrol in a Master degree in economy have the chance to identify all factors that influence the financial world and to also specialize in one of the field that economics applies to, such as education, law, social institutions, science and others.

After they earn a Master’s degree in economics, graduates find employment as accountants, financial risk analysts, economists or financial specialists in all companies of the market, regardless of their activity field.

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Suggested Bachelors in Economics

B.Sc. Economics and Business at Erasmus University College

At EUC we offer four departments within which there are many majors you can pick and choose from. One of the departments is Economics & Business. The Major in Economics & Business will offer you the opportunity to choose from the capita selecta of economic thought and the administration of business. Learn how international finance works, what alternatives are available to face a crisis and how businesses impact a globalizing world.

B.Sc. Leisure Studies

International Leisure Studies (Academic) at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences is an academic programme in leisure. In 3 years' time, you will become an expert at finding and understanding answers to complex issues in the leisure sector.

B.Sc. Economics/ Finance

The BS in Economics/ Finance at Southern New Hampshire University has a dual mission: to examine the behavior of the economy and its relationship to business and government, and to study the funding and investment needs of corporations, individuals and institutions.

United States
B.A. Economics and Finance

The Economics and Finance programme from John Cabot University, Rome Italy is designed to give students a solid base in the theoretical, quantitative, and analytical skills necessary to pursue further study and careers in the area of economics and finance. The prerequisites and core courses required by the major provide a strong grounding in those subjects that form the cornerstones for more advanced study and work.