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Preparation Course Spanish Language Course

The Spanish Language Course Preparatory from UCAM - "Catholic University of Murcia" focuses on the student´s communicative competence according to the different skills integration. General review of Spanish and Latin American figures of Art and Literature of the XX century and Geography of Spanish language.

Bachelor Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Throughout history, the United States has been referred to as a melting pot, comprising people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Understanding the roots of this diversity, and appreciating its dynamic nature in contemporary society, is critical to understanding American life. The Race and Ethnicity in the United States program is offered at Bryant University.


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Ethnic studies take an in-depth look on an ethnicity with all its characteristics: cultural heritage, political issues, language, identity and social groups. The study develops skills such as critical thinking and analyse, research and understanding of social groups and different communities.

The aim of ethnic studies degrees is to earn enough knowledge about an ethnicity in order to stimulate social justice and give answers regarding multiculturalism. Since it derived from history, this discipline develops analysis of minorities and their behaviour. A Master’s programme in ethnic studies will focus on present day concerns, such as racism, conflicts between community and migration.

Studying the cultural and social aspects of certain ethnicities will help students find employment in the public and private sector, as sociologists, lecturers, journalists, community or housing developers or social workers. Graduation from a Master’s degree in ethnic studies will help students view the international context with a clear mind.

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