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B.Sc. Physical Geography

This BSc in Physical Geography at Aberystwyth University is a specialist science-based honours degree which enables you to investigate the processes which structure the natural world and the environmental management issues which surround them. You will do this on local, regional and global scales, and you will look at the threats to human society that these powerful forces pose.

B.A. Geography

While geography is an old discipline, going back at least to the classical era, we are on the cutting edge, becoming one of the leading centers for geographic information systems, satellite-based remote sensing and other 21st-century technology. The Geography course is offered by University of South Carolina.

B.A. Geography

This Geography program at the University of South Florida offers a variety of courses in physical and human geography. Human geography courses focus on the social and spatial effects of the growth of cities, including issues such as the historical evolution of urban form and function, land-use changes and conflicts, economic restructuring, the growth and decline of inner cities, and urban racial and ethnic relations.

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Geography is divided into two inter-connected sub-disciplines: physical geography and human geography. Physical geography uses plenty of techniques and information from cartography, while human geography analyses topics related to human society such as agriculture, economy, population distribution, etc. The interaction between humans and the Earth is an object of study especially for students in a Master’s degree in geography.

The traditional fields that are studied during such a programme concern land formations, inhabitants, terrain and the derived phenomena. Specializations can be taken in physical study, relations between man and land, Earth science and the spatial analysis of natural and human phenomena. The main skill that students gain after a Master degree in geography is the understanding of the complex natural and artificial mechanism of the Earth.

Geography is also one of the basic sciences in education and helps students acquire skills in matters of conflict and war, energy dependence, climate change, globalization and terrorism. Graduates can easily get employed as cartographers, international development workers or tourism officers.

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