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B.A. Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies major at University of South Florida focuses on feminist research and practice. WGS promotes social justice through the discovery and production of knowledge that emerges from feminist perspectives on culture and society.

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B.A. Women & Gender Studies

The interdisciplinary women and gender studies undergraduate major and minor offer students a rigorous but flexible program of study that examines women, gender and sexuality in relation to race, class, national identity and ability.


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Gender & sexuality studies are mainly concerned with gender identity and gender representation in society. It includes sub-disciplines like women’s studies, men’s studies and the study of sexuality in general. Students are encouraged to critically regard and challenge the apparently straight-forward concepts of femininity and masculinity in a more complex manner, as social and cultural constructions. By enrolling in a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in gender & sexuality students discover how gender/sex interacts with other social distinctions such as ethnicity, class, sexuality identity, nationality, age, disability, etc.

The human understanding of what it means to be women or man is dictated by the culture, family interpersonal and group relations. Gender studies also consider the directions society is taking and how can it be transformed. The wide array of theories that have been formulated in this discipline over the past few centuries make the study of this field a challenging and demanding endeavour. Gender & sexuality studies help the development of critical thinking, writing and communication skills.

Gender and sexuality studies expertise can be applied in a broad range of disciplines such as teaching, health and welfare, political or public policy-making, media writing and advertising, management of private and public enterprises, and more.

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