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International relations focuses on the relationship between state actors in the international system and their interactions with intergovernmental organisations and international corporations. International relations actions focus on the restructuring of power relations, political changes that have occurred in the processes of economic globalization, financial, cultural and military, and the impact of information technologies and global media. As part of political science, international relations cover aspects related to the role of international organisations like United Nations, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Amnesty International. Programmes focus not only on the actions of the state, but also on all kinds of human activities from tourism to cultural relations and migration.

International relations is similar to disciplines like: international law, political science, public policy and European studies. Masters in international relations offer information on: major international players, balance of power, geo-politics approaches, European Union politics, conflict resolution, China in world politics.

Bachelors in international relations will enable students to critically assess global politics and international relations. Students will get a complete understanding of the relationship between theories from international relations and social and political theories. They will also develop skills in analytical and critical thinking and effective communication abilities.

Graduates may find job opportunities in a wide range of areas working as: scientific collaborators, international relations consultants and advisers, international business managers, diplomats and translators.

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Suggested Bachelors in International Relations

B.A. International Relations

The BA degree in International Relations (IR) from Richmond, the American International University in London prepares the student for work in international organisations, business, finance, the media and government agencies, which require articulate, clear thinking individuals with a grasp of contemporary political issues, succinct writing styles, and the ability to present complex arguments.

United Kingdom
B.A. International Affairs

The Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs at Vesalius College equips students with the broad-ranging tools and skills to understand, analyse and assess the most pressing issues in national and global politics.