Cracow University of Economics

Kraków, Poland
Cracow University of Economics has ranked among Poland's best schools of economics for a number of years, and its popularity is confirmed by an increasing number of candidates who wish to be accepted students. The University's mission is to provide sound and universal education, combining professional knowledge with methodological and theoretical expertise.
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Why should I study here?

The Cracow University of Economics is one of the Polands top economics universities with outstanding teaching and research quality and over 90 years of tradition. Choosing CUE gives you a chance to:

- enjoy the campus life and international environment, - develop your interests in one of the scientific circles or student organisations,- participate in various exchange programmes choosing from 250 partner universities all over the World,- be a part of 200,000 student community in Krakow, - meet new people and gain different perspective,- find rewarding and challenging job in one of numerous multinational corporations - study in the heart of charming city of Krakow - the historical, cultural and academic centre of Poland,- experience Polish hospitality, taste delicious regional cuisine, discover diversity of Polish landscape.



18 study programmes

53 majors

over 20 000 degree students

over 700 foreign degree students

23 students’ sports sections

41 students’ scientific circles

Cracow University of Economics (CUE) was established in 1925 as the Higher Trade School. During these 89 years of tradition and experience, the name and the profile of the university changed frequently but one thing remained unchanged - the quality of education, which has always been confirmed by national rankings and indexes. Nowadays, CUE ranks among Poland’s leading universities, being a significant educational and research centre. It consists of four faculties: Economics and International Relations, Finance, Commodity Science and Management. Apart from study programmes in Polish, CUE also offers study programmes in English, such as short-term study opportunities and degree programmes leading to Bachelor’s, Master’s or the PhD degree:

•Applied Informatics (BSc)

•Corporate Finance and Accounting (BSc, MSc)

•International Business (BSc, MSc)

•International Finance and Accounting (MSc)

•Product Manager (BSc)

•Studies in Economics, Finance and Management (PhD).

Cracow University of Economics maintains close contacts and cooperation with over 200 foreign universities as well as many international organizations and institutions, including companies. The University is actively engaged in international student exchange programmes (Erasmus, CEEPUS, FSS, STEP, Double Diploma and bilateral agreements) which enable its students to complete part of their studies in partner institutions abroad, while international students from those institutions join study programmes in Krakow. CUE is a member of prestigious international networks and organizations such as NIBES, EBC, EUA and EMBS.

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