Metropolitan University College Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

No. Students: 228 (104 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 12
Funding type: Public
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

studies available.

* An involving, caring and challenging study environment As a student you will meet an international team of highly qualified and committed professors, who cares about your academic progress and your general well-being. Each of you are initially assigned an academic advisor which helps you adjust to the learning environment and ensure that you have the best possible framework for making educational choices in line with your individual professional goals.

* Practical experience Hands on We call our programme a BA+, because in addition to your 3 years of academic studies here, you get 6 months hands-on, work-related learning experiences through internships.

* Learn Global Nutrition and Health in a global setting We host students from all over the world. Being a student in our programme provides excellent opportunities to develop competences within global nutrition and health in a global setting. The student sitting next to you might come from Zambia, Portugal, Nepal, Australia, China, Island or India; you have as such direct access to primary data within global nutrition and health.

* Learn Locally Practice Globally Being a student in our programme you are part of a multicultural setting; you gain competences qualifying you to work in national as well as in international setting. Nevertheless the learning environment is based on the Danish way of teaching; in the 19th century democratic ideas. We emphasize team work, problem solving and project-based learning methods. We want to educate you to be independent, critical and able to debate. Our core values are participation, partnership, openness, global outlook, sustainability, ethical responsibility and human rights.


With greater awareness of the ever-changing dynamics of a globalised world, Metropolitan University College look towards the international community to seek partnerships and cooperation for exchange of knowledge and insight.

The Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health is aimed at creating a sustainable future. We educate you to be a nutrition and health professional of tomorrow. We are proud after your graduation to send you and your fellow students worldwide to help people live a healthier life.

Your student tool box contains elements from natural, social, human and health sciences. This synergetic cocktail of multifaceted angles and approaches provides you capable of approaching the complexity of the global health and nutrition challenges.


Guardian Night
Guardian Night is a night solely for new students at the Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health. The purpose is to introduce you to 'older' students as well as your classmates in an informal and cozy way. GNH Students from 2nd and 7th invite you as a 1st semester students for a free dinner in their homes. In favor of tradition, all new students gather afterwards at a party at Campus Pustervig.

'Pot-luck' parties
During the semesters we have 'pot-luck'-parties where students and lecturers meet and have dinner. Everyone brings a dish to share, and we enjoy the company of each other and delicious dishes from all over the world!

Free Danish Language Course
As a new non-Danish student you are offered a free Danish Course. The course is offered at all levels. The teaching methods are modern using a mix of books, CD's and IT software.

Student job
Students, who have to have a residence permit in order to study in Denmark, are allowed to work 15 hours per week. However, during the summer months, June, July and August, foreign students are allowed to work full time. The official Danish website for international recruitment, has information on how to find a relevant student job, how to write an application, what do in a job interview, etc. The site also has a job and CV bank.

Denmark does not have a tradition for on-campus housing. Most students live together in residences situated some distance from campus. But as most students have a bike, this is not considered a problem. An efficient public transport system also makes it easy to travel between your residence and campus placed right in the city center.
Finding a place to live in Copenhagen can be hard especially during August and September. You have to start looking for housing as soon as you have been accepted into our programme.

Health Care
As an international student and resident in Denmark, you will benefit from our free, high quality healthcare system. It is run on principles of equality and universal accessibility.

Student life

Metropolitan University College is located in central Copenhagen - the capital of Denmark. Campus is situated on the central pedestrian street and surrounded by cafes, parks and the buzz of the Copenhagen experience.
A high quality of life is a key issue here and among other things, Copenhagen is the bicycle capital of the world and we aim to become the world's eco-metropolis by 2015. This goal includes that 90% of Copenhageners will be able to walk to a park, a beach, an area of natural beauty or a harbour swimming facility in less than 15 minutes.
Given the fact that we have all four seasons represented here, we appreciate and enjoy them all especially we celebrate the light in spring and summer, where everyone is outside as long as possible enjoying the sun.

If you are interested in food and gastronomy you should know that Copenhagen currently holds the number one restaurant in the world: Noma, which is known for its reinvention and interpretation of the Nordic Cuisine.

Bachelor's programmes at Metropolitan University College Copenhagen

Global Nutrition and Health

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