Dania Academy of Higher Education

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Randers, Denmark
Dania Academy of Higher Education- is a modern higher education centre that offers international AP degree and BA degree studies in two cities in Jutland: Viborg and Randers

About Dania Academy of Higher Education

Dania Academy of Higher Education - is a modern higher education centre, located in Randers and Viborg.

Dania Academy of Higher Education has a long-standing tradition for developing and offering higher education programmes in areas such as:

  • Marketing Management

  • It Technology

  • Automotive Technology

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management

Innovative Specializations

As part of the education, students must choose elective courses in order to become specialized. Both Dania's campus in Randers and the campus in Viborg provide electives in Business Economics, Media and Advertising, Development, Executive and Promotion. All electives are designed in direct relation with specific business demands.

Strong links with the industry

Dania Academy of Higher Education - has strong links with the regional business and industry who are also involved in developing our educational programmes. Through case work, company visits and a 3 months' internship our students gain valuable and real-world experience that will provide them with the best possible start in their future careers.

Excellent facilities

The Academy is located in new and modern buildings with newly modernized study environments.

Student life at Dania Academy of Higher Education

The greater Randers area has some 93,000 inhabitants, making Randers the seventh-largest city in Denmark.

With an AP Degree from Dania Academy of Higher Education you get an excellent starting point for your career. But there is more to student life than just studying! Studying abroad is also a great personal experience where you get to meet new people, see new places and experience new cultures.

The city of Randers is big enough to have all the facilities an international student could want, but small enough to have retained its friendly atmosphere and cheaper to live in than other major Danish cities.

Randers is well situated in terms of access to the rest of Denmark, just 35 kilometres from Denmarks second-largest city Århus and about 4 hours by train from Copenhagen, the capital city.

Historic yet modern...

Viborg is one of Denmark's oldest cities with traces back to ancient times. Until 1660, all Danish kings where hailed in Viborg, and noble gentlemen and Catholic bishops adorned the city with beautiful and prestigious buildings, including the characteristic cathedral with two towers.

Viborg is today still a lively market town with all that it entails. Viborg Municipality has it all, a myriad of specialty shops, chain stores and department stores. In addition, good cafes, restaurants and active nightlife. You can get a better insight about the student life on Dania's official student blog.

University Location

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