Dania Academy of Higher Education

Randers, Denmark
Dania Academy of Higher Education is one of nine regional academies of higher education in Denmark and has 2 international campuses in Viborg and Randers. We offer practice-oriented higher-education programmes at undergraduate level (AP and BA degrees) to nearly 2500 students out of which 320 are international.
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Why should I study here at Dania Academy of Higher Education?

  • Get access to our cutting-edge facilities. Use our state-of-the-art IT and multimedia facilities. All classrooms are equipped with projectors and there is unlimited internet access from all PCs at the Academy.
  • Get your higher education for free (EU / EEA students). In many European countries you have to pay high tuition fees, but in Denmark students from EU / EEA countries can study for free.
  • Develop your innovative and creative skills. Take an active part in your own education. At The Dania Academy of Higher Education we are committed to interactive and student-oriented teaching methods aimed at developing our students' creative and innovative skills.
  • Learn to translate theory to practice. Through case studies and interdisciplinary project work, you will learn to translate theory to practise and get the hands-on skills that your future employers are looking for.
  • Begin your career before you graduate. During your studies, you will meet guest lecturers from private businesses, go on company visits and do a 3 months' internship in a Danish or foreign company. So while you study, you get useful work experience and build a network that will be a good starting point for your career.
  • Get a global perspective. In our international classes you get classmates from all over the world. You will learn to cooperate with people from different cultural backgrounds and have a lot of fun. You can also add an extra international dimension to your education by doing an internship or study stay outside of Denmark.
  • Make English your professional language. Danish is not a prerequisite for studying one of our AP Degree Programmes as all teaching is conducted in English. Through your education, you will make English your professional language a MUST if you are aiming at an international career.
  • Plan your career one step at a time. When you choose one of our AP Degree Programmes you get the opportunity to obtain a degree in just two years. After graduation you can find a job right away or you can continue studying for one to two more years at one of our partner universities to get a BA degree. Therefore there is a great deal of flexibility in your career planning.
  • Get excellent student support. The study environment at the Academy is informal and relaxed, with close personal contact between students and the academic staff. We care for our international students and will be happy to assist you with visa & immigration, accommodation, finding a part-time job and a number of other issues.
  • Experience the Danish knowledge society . Living in Denmark, you will experience a society with high educational standards, with an attractive business climate, and a very clean environment.
  • Get a chance at studying 3 years of Danish at the regional language schools for free

About Dania Academy of Higher Education

We are a University of Applied Sciences and the programmes we offer focus on applied degrees within technology, IT, business and health. Five of our 21 programmes are taught in English:

  • Marketing Management (AP Degree)
  • IT Technology (Ap Degree)
  • Automotive Technology (AP Degree)
  • Hospitality and Tourism (AP Degree)
  • International Hospitality Management (BA top-up degree)

Our programmes combine theory with practice and we highly value group and project work in small teams. We have strong ties to and work closely together with the industry, introducing real-life cases and internships for our students. Local companies are also involved in the learning process. Students are involved in various workshops and projects where local businesses come to meet the students and require their help as future specialists.

Moreover, as part of each study programme, the students have the possibility of choosing a specialization that suits them best.

Student life at Dania Academy of Higher Education

The greater Randers area has some 93,000 inhabitants, making Randers the seventh-largest city in Denmark.

With an AP Degree from Dania Academy of Higher Education you get an excellent starting point for your career. But there is more to student life than just studying! Studying abroad is also a great personal experience where you get to meet new people, see new places and experience new cultures.

The city of Randers is big enough to have all the facilities an international student could want, but small enough to have retained its friendly atmosphere and cheaper to live in than other major Danish cities.

Randers is well situated in terms of access to the rest of Denmark, just 35 kilometres from Denmarks second-largest city Århus and about 4 hours by train from Copenhagen, the capital city.

Historic yet modern...

Viborg is one of Denmark's oldest cities with traces back to ancient times. Until 1660, all Danish kings where hailed in Viborg, and noble gentlemen and Catholic bishops adorned the city with beautiful and prestigious buildings, including the characteristic cathedral with two towers.

Viborg is today still a lively market town with all that it entails. Viborg Municipality has it all, a myriad of specialty shops, chain stores and department stores. In addition, good cafes, restaurants and active nightlife. You can get a better insight about the student life on Dania's official student blog.

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Bachelor's programmes at Dania Academy of Higher Education

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Dania Academy of Higher Education

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Bachelor at Dania Academy of Higher Education!

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