Limassol, Cyprus

Funding type: Private
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

studies available.

Reasons why a student should consider to study at CTL EUROCOLLEGE

* Recognised European Degrees and Diplomas
* Transfer Opportunities
* Reasonable Tuition fees
* Scholarships
* Friendly Environment
* Excellent Service and Facilities


The CTL EUROCOLLEGE is a private Institution of Tertiary Education registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

All Educational Institutions registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture are inspected and monitored by the Ministry and are governed by the relevant law of the Tertiary Education of the Republic of Cyprus.

The system on which all CTL EUROCOLLEGE Programmes are based is that of the Semesters and credits, with 2 Academic Semesters in each Academic Year. The Summer Session is optional for study. For each Programme a specific minimum number of credits are required. These are earned by completing the subjects contained in the Programme. Each subject is classified in a different category according to the nature of its contents and carries a number of credits. Students must gain a certain minimum number of credits from each category of subjects. These vary according to the requirements of the Programme they follow.

The subject categories are the General Education Requirements, the Free Electives and the Core Requirements (different for each Programme). Some Programmes may also include Industrial Training.

Programmes of 1 to 4 years of study are offered and awarded with a different qualification according to the duration of the Programme.


Accreditation is the approval for the inclusion of an institution or a programme of study in a list of accredited institutions or accredited programmes of study as a result of an enactment and formally recognises that, the institution or programme has met certain predetermined minimal criteria or standards.

The competent authority in the Republic of Cyprus for carrying out programme evaluation and accreditation of the Private Institutions of Higher Education is the Council of Educational EvaluationAccreditation (C.E.E.A).



MBA Masters in Business Administration 1 year F.T., 2 years P.T.


Bachelor Degrees 4years F.T., 126-128 credits 240 ECTS

Business Administration*

Hospitality Management*

Computer Science


Higher Diploma 3 years F.T. 96 credits 180 ECTS


Diplomas - 2 years F.T. 63-64 credits 120 ECTS

Business Administration*


Marketing and Public Relations

Web Design for Business

Travel and Tourism Management*

Hotel Administration*

Computer Studies


Office Management and Administration


* This Programme of study is Accredited by the council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation of Cyprus.


Student Facilities, Services and Infrastructure

The College ensures the existence and maintenance of an environment conducive to study and learning, by providing students with facilities such as library with study area, training area for retail operations and computer labs.

The CTLs lending library and computer center are open to students at convenient hours to enable them to pursue their individual interests.

The CTL EUROCOLLEGE, settled in its premises in the city of Limassol, is able to satisfy the students needs and requirements by providing lecture rooms, computer labs, library, conference and seminar room, (for special sessions, presentations, screenings and guest-lectures), staff room, practice area for front office/ retail office

Student life

Student Affairs

The College offers students affairs services, which provide for the welfare and other needs of the students. The Student Affairs Officer of the College is also the students counselor who organizes regular meetings with the students to discuss with them problems arising either from their programme of study or, if they so wish, personal matters and advise them accordingly.

Student Activities

The Student Activities program is fundamental to the education process of the institution, through the provision of a diverse program of academic, cultural, social and leisure activities.

Every academic semester, the college organizes special events such as the Christmas party, the Carnival party and the Graduation ceremony. The college also organizes sports events such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis, footsal etc. In addition, the CTL EUROCOLLEGE organizes excursions within Cyprus and abroad as well as educational visits, which in turn prove that the college wants, not only to educate its students academically, but also culturally and socially.

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