University of Debrecen, Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences

Debrecen, Hungary

No. Students: 30,418 (2,390 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 1,179
Funding type: Public
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

* Major research University in Central Europe The University of Debrecen Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences offers academic programmes with rich traditions, diversity and excellence that continue to amaze students from all over the world. With 12 doctoral schools at eight distinct faculties, the Centre also establishes the University of Debrecen as a major research university that makes a difference by facilitating cooperation and development with the various public and corporate entities of the European Union, and more specifically, the Central European region.

* Exciting Student life As residents of one of the most exquisite university campuses in Central Europe, our students are engaged in an intellectually challenging environment with various educational events as well as a culturally vibrant local community.

* Excellent quality of education The quality of teaching and especially research is indicated by the fact that more than half of the instructors have doctoral (PhD) degrees, and 23 professors are members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. According to the yearly complex report of the Hungarian Ministry of Education, which serves as the base for the amount of research funding available to institutions of higher education, it is the best institution outside Budapest and is in the top three in the country, possessing 14-15% of the research volume carried out in Hungary.


With fifteen faculties organized into 3 centers and a student body of over 25 thousand the University of Debrecen is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Hungary. Besides the international recognition and received standard of scientific research and education, the most important virtue of the University of Debrecen is its ability to adapt to the claims and expectations of society. This capacity makes it the intellectual centre of Eastern Hungary.

The Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences is a multidisciplinary coordinating unit within the University of Debrecen comprising seven academic faculties, two secondary and one primary schools and a number of interfaculty units (for instance, the European Studies Centre, student hostels, the Sports and Physical Education Centre, the nursery and day care establishments). Entrusted with economic self-government within the University, it serves as a coordinating and mediating forum, which represents unified interests in negotiations with external institutions. This training and economic coordination encompasses the research, innovation, development, education, teacher training, and external relations. The Centre is the professional base of teacher training at the University level.

The integrated University of Debrecen draws meaning from its three centers (the Centre of Agriculture, the Medical and Health Sciences Centre and the Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences), which, through their cooperation, ensure the multidisciplinary background, which in turn guarantee the University a leading role as a research and education institution.


Sports Facilities

Sport lovers will not regret choosing our university as their study destination as we provide an almost all-absorbing range of sporting facilities. Our students can choose from 23 kinds of sporting activities. The city's brand new swimming pool, modern fitness gyms, tennis and football courts guarantee that everybody will find the most appropriate free time activity.


From 1 January 2001, the National and University Library of Debrecen operates as a unified system of special libraries comprising the following major collections: the national and general collection, humanities and social sciences, life sciences, agriculture, technology, education, economics, law and music.
As the second biggest library in the country, it serves the university staff and students with its collection of nearly 6 million documents. When students register in any of the libraries located on the various campuses, they get simultaneous access to all university library sites.

Computing services

We provide our students with excellent computing services. There are individual computer stations on the libraries, rooms full of open-access university PCs and areas where students can use their own laptops - all providing constant, free, fast access to the Internet. An interactive student intranet provides personalized home pages, email, online library services, course material, file storage space and other support including printing facilities. All the rooms in our dormitories provide free Internet access for students with their own computers.


The University has several dormitories. The most favored one is The Campus Hotel Debrecen (The dormitory consists of two buildings and also expects visitors outside the university study period as a three-star hotel. The hotel providing 930 beds on almost 17 thousand square meters is located at the campus of the University of Debrecen in Kassai Street, Debrecen next to Road 4. The huge closed area of the University and the dormitory is situated in a 15-minute walking distance from the downtown and a 5-minute walk from the Great Forest. The two buildings of this facility encircle a park, where residents can meet, study or simply take a stroll in a pleasant and beautiful envirionment decorated by bridges and groves. At the top of both buildings there is a spacious roof terrace equipped with benches.

Student life


Those studying at the University of Debrecen can always find a program, which is the most appealing to their interest as the University of Debrecen can show off with an extensive first class club network. There are several university clubs, cafés and pubs not to mention the biggest student center of Central-Eastern Europe, the Lovarda, where on Wednesdays the biggest university party of the country is held.
You might be interested in going out in Debrecen, while you are here, and seeing with your own eyes what entertainment possibilities exist here. You might want to dine in one of the many restaurants of the city, go to watch films in a cinema, visit concerts, or enjoy a performance in the theatre.

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