Avans University of Applied Sciences

  • 24000 Students ( int'l)
  • Public University
Breda, Netherlands
We are immensely proud that Avans University of Applied Sciences has been proclaimed the best major university of applied sciences in the Netherlands by the leading Dutch magazine Elsevier. Avans has the most study programmes boasting above-average satisfaction. This puts Avans head and shoulders above the other universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Avans University of Applied Sciences, aims to operate as a single unit consisting of: 19 schools 1 Learning and Innovation Centre 4 support units


Looking for somewhere to live in a city you do not (yet) know is not easy. That's why we will help you find suitable accommodation. We guarantee housing to many of our students. Others can make use of our Room Mediation Scheme. Even if you decide to arrange your own housing, Avans provides you with tips to help you on your way.


Within the university the counsellor guides students in respect of their choice of study programme. A study programme selection tool is available to find out which programme suits you best. Although the study programme for foreign students, who come here to study for a number of months, has been determined in advance, this does not mean that foreign students cannot use the services of a counsellor. The counsellor can inform you of all the changes within a study programme as well as any current developments, such as the introduction of new study programmes etc. In addition, the counsellor can help you in many other ways, for example: in the event of problems with the examination or education committee, or when you suffer from dyslexia etc.

Students are of course free to make an appointment with a counsellor to discuss their study or important study-related subjects. An appointment with a counsellor can be made at each university via the Central Information Centre.

If somebody you love very dearly died and you wish a personal appointment to talk about your loss or you want some guidance in the mourning process, you can contact a specially appointed counsellor. An appointment can be made at the Central Information Centre.

Dentist / family doctor

If you need medical help it is possible to contact a dentist or family doctor through Avans University of Applied Sciences. As a foreign student this is extremely handy for you.

In order to make use of these facilities, you can contact the International Office of Avans University.

Church / mosque

In s-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg as well as in Breda, various facilities are available to practise your faith. For example, there are several mosques and churches with regular services.
A few examples:
Süleymaniye Mosque in Tilburg
De Grote of Lieve Vrouwe Kerk in Breda (catholic church)
The protestant church in s-Hertogenbosch


Avans University of Applied Sciences has been proclaimed the best multi-stream University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands for the third year running. Every year, the Dutch Centre for Higher Education Information examines the quality of higher education in the Full-time Higher Professional Education Options Guide. Following in the footsteps of 2011 and 2012, the Full-time Higher Professional Education Options Guide 2013 has labelled Avans University of Applied Sciences as the best in the Netherlands again in 2013.

Elsevier journal already reached the same conclusion last month in its survey 'The Best Studies.

The Dutch education system is renowned worldwide for its excellent quality. All our Bachelor and Master programmes are formally accredited by the Dutch higher education accreditation authorities and comply with European standards as set by the Bologna Agreement. This means that you can make a good start on your international career anywhere in the world.


Studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands is a good option when you think about studying in The Netherlands. Studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences means studying in a pleasant, ambitious environment with dedicated lecturers and staff, bright students, countless English-language study programmes and good contacts with the business community. Our lecturers and staff make every effort to ensure that you acquire as much of their knowledge as possible.

And whats more, Avans University of Applied Sciences ensures that as a foreign student you'll feel right at home in the Netherlands. One of the ways that we do this is to organise good accommodation, visa paperwork (the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Agency). We give you a warm, caring and personal welcome. When you arrive you will get an extended introduction at Avans and in the city. You get to meet other foreign students.

We also offer you every opportunity to join in with the lively student life. Avans offers a professional team of student councellors to support you with all questions related to your study and student life. We do this because we are convinced that you can only perform well academically if you feel comfortable in your environment.

Avans University of Applied Sciences is located in three cities in the southern part of the Netherlands:

o Breda
o 's-Hertogenbosch
o Tilburg

At Avans University of Applied Sciences, around 24,000 students study 45 different courses. 1,800 employees work in 19 schools, 4 support units and 1 Learning and Innovation Centre.

International Orientation Days, November 28th and 29th
You are looking for an international study programme abroad. You want a job with excellent career opportunities in the future. So why not take advantage of our you pay the ticket, we pay the rest* programme and find out whether one of our international study programmes is right for you.

You can expect
* Detailed information about the study programmes International Financial Management, International Business and Management Studies and Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology
* The opportunity to meet students and lecturers
* The chance to take part in educational activities
* An introduction to the city of Breda



* organize your transport to Breda, The Netherlands, airports near Breda are Eindhoven, Brussels, Rotterdam-the Hague and Amsterdam
* arrive on the 27th of November in the afternoon and return on the 29th of November at the end of the day
* pay for your personal expenses


* pay for two nights in a hotel in Breda including breakfast* (check-in on 27-11-13, check-out on 29-11-13) within walking distance of Avans University of Applied Sciences. You might have to share a room with other participants (max. 4 persons per room)
* pay for two lunches (28th and 29th of November) and one dinner (28th)
* organise the complete programme on both days

We have a limited number of 30 places available, which will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. So it is important to respond quickly. The application deadline is the 22th of November (or earlier if all the places have been allocated). We will send you a confirmation if your application has been accepted.

Please contact Shen Li or Wiet van der Linden from the International Office +31 76 523 80 01 or internationaloffice@avans.nl.

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