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Poznan, Poland
The Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) is one of the best and largest medical universities in Poland, with ninety-two years of sound academic experience and a great growth momentum. Our University is a leading medical school in Poland and is currently recognized as the largest educational, research, and clinical center in Poland.


The Poznan University of Medical Sciences aspires to develop rich and exciting curricula. Students are presented with specif¬ic subject matter together with clinical objectives and potential outcomes, so that both student expectations and evaluations either in the basic sciences or in the clinical studies are made very clear by the respective faculty members. Furthermore, students receive training in problem-based learning through extensive use of brief clinical case studies in the basic sciences. In order to strengthen the existing practices on teaching meth¬odology, PUMS has established the University System for Qual¬ity Assurance in Teaching and Learning.

Through the investment in the opening of the brand new, or the upgrading of several existing, facilities the quality of learning at PUMS is constantly improving. Below are a few examples of those new additions:

* Center for Innovative Teaching Techniques, equipped with an examination hall for over 100 computer stations that al¬lows the administration of the NBME and departmental web-based examinations
* Center for Medical Simulation, first such facility in Poland
* Interdisciplinary Center for NanoBioMedical Research, co-founded by PUMS together with other universities
* Center for Medical Conferences with an ultramodern library system
* Center for Medical Science Information

Renovation of 12 lecture halls to help them meet technological standards of the 21st century.


Since starting the Medical Education in English, the Poznan University of Medical Sciences has received international accreditation from the following institutions in the United States and Europe:

* US Department of Education
* Medical Board of California (California, USA)
* Ministry of Health (Warsaw, Poland)
* Ministry of Science and Higher Educa¬tion (Warsaw, Poland)
* National Accreditation Committee (Warsaw, Poland)
* Medical Universities Accreditation Commission (Warsaw, Poland)

The above-listed accreditation privileges enable our graduates to have a smoother transition into their professional lives upon return to their home countries.


For ninety-two years the Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) has been educating medical practitioners in the Wielkopolska region, and the programs for education in English have gradually become an integral part of it during the past 20 years. When the first international students enrolled in 1993, they were drawn to Poznan by the high quality of teaching and work of the University faculty, many of whom have come to serve on the boards of professional and scientific associations; have been invited to serve as advisors to the WHO and IAEA organizations; and have become outstanding clinical specialists and heads of hospital departments in Europe, North America, South Africa, and elsewhere.

Currently (according to the rankings of "Perspektywy," Rzeczpospolita," and "Wprost" magazines), PUMS enjoys the top position as the best and the largest medical university and clinical research center in Poland that provides to its students the highest number of medical specialty areas to choose from. All of the research and clinical teaching activities are conducted here in close partnership with six clinical hospitals and its new consolidated campus is growing quickly.

In the present academic year, there are over 8,000 students enrolled with nearly 1,000 from other countries. Thus PUMS is also the only medical school in Poland with such a high number of foreign students. It makes the learning experience in Poznan a richer one for all concerned: students, faculty, patients, as well as the Poznan residents. During the past 20 years, students from 44 countries have studied and lived here - and this list continues to grow with each year.

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