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  • 17055 Students (1593 int'l)
  • Private (non-profit)
Mersin, Turkey
Near East University (NEU; in Turkish: Yakin Dogu ‹niversitesi, commonly referred to as YD‹) is a private university where over 17 thousand students from Cyprus and 55 overseas countries carry out undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It was founded in the Turkish Cypriot side of Nicosia in 1988.

About Near East University

Near East University (NEU; in Turkish: Yakin Dogu Üniversitesi, commonly referred to as YDÜ) is a private university where over 17 thousand students from Cyprus and 55 overseas countries carry out undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It was founded in the Turkish Cypriot side of Nicosia in 1988.

The medium of instruction at the Near East University is English in most departments.

The Near East University currently has 16 Faculties with 65 Departments and 3 Schools offering courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The University offers graduate programs under the guidance and coordination of the Graduate School of Social and Applied Sciences. An English Preparatory School is available for those who need to improve their English before starting to study at the specialist programs of the faculties.


  • Sports facilities
  • Restaurants in the campus: Each faculty has its own cafeteria. There is a restaurant for our students in the campus. Besides, there are also various cafeterias scattered throughout various places on the campus.
  • Health services: Our health and wellness centre within the campus provides a health consultation free of charge to our students and to our academic and non-academic staff. In emergency cases, patients are transferred to the Near East Hospital at once by a fully equipped ambulance.

Student life at Near East University

Social life of students at the Near East University is not just structured around clubs and daily organised activities; it goes further and takes the form of colourful and proactive conferences and symposiums. They are communal and expanded to cover a wide spectrum of knowledge-developing facilities as well. The conferences and symposiums organized are events aiming to cover many disciplines such as cultural issues, engineering, architecture, law, sports, economy, and so on. So far, the Near East University has organised more then ten international conferences and hosted over 5000 subject specialists, experts and professionals from over 100 different nations. These conferences and symposiums are aimed at the students, people related to fields of activities, and the general public with a view to improve and enlighten their knowledge and awareness. The usual venue is the Ataturk Cultural and Congress Complex situated on the university campus which stands as the main centre for such activities. The complex has 14 fully equipped amphitheatres and one Congress Theatre.

The university gives great importance to improvement of the quality of education and bears the same policy to improve and decline cultural and sporting events and activities. The university is continually working for meeting the needs of students by arranging new events and activities every year. This year the university has organized a record number of conferences, seminars, exhibitions, theatres, concerts and has shown many films.

The university provides its students with extensive academic study opportunities and contributes to their social life by organizing concerts, theatres, competitions and various cultural and sporting activities all of which are free of charge, and are also open to public on some occasions.

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