The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague, Netherlands
The Hague University of Applied Sciences (commonly referred to as De Haagse Hogeschool in Dutch) is a public institute for tertiary education based in the city of The Hague, The Netherlands. The Hague University is the largest higher professional education institution in South-Holland area. The university plays an indispensable role in preparing youths for social and financial independence.
  • 10 Bachelors
  • 22000 Students
  • Public Institution Type


The Hague University of Applied Sciences has more than 22,000 students and 1,700 staff members who come from over 145 different countries. We opened our doors in 1987 when 14 traditional institutions, dating back to the 19th century, merged.

Hundreds of The Hague University of Applied Sciencesstudents go to study or do work placements abroad - from the US and Europe to South Africa and South America, from the Far East to the Middle East to gain a truly international and cross-cultural experience. The Hague University of Applied Sciences has over 250 partner institutions, all over the globe. The university welcomes exchange students and lecturers from different countries and cultures through the Socrates programme. The university prides itself on its caring atmosphere for students and its high standards of education.

We believe that it is important to tap into the professional world to give our students true life experiences. Our international Bachelors and Masters programmes are constantly updated to reflect developments and changes in business and industry. The programmes also encourage to be an independent thinker and to explore other peoples perspectives, through cross-cultural debate and teamwork.

Interesting facts
  • Our campus is entirely surrounded by water, a kind of city within a city.
  • Life on campus revolves around the magnificent oval atrium hall, with its soaring glass ceiling;
  • 22,000 students of more than 145 different nationalities and 1,800 staff pass through here every day, that makes The Hague University of Applied Sciences one of the most culturally diverse higher education institution in the Netherlands;
  • 52% of the students is male, 48% is female;
  • There are works of art dotted all over our campus paintings, sculpture and photography. Were proud of our sizeable modern art collection, and we like to share it with the world. It adds something quite special to the atmosphere on campus;
  • In 2004, our campus became the backdrop for the Hollywood film Mindhunters.

Bachelor's programmes

Social Sciences (4)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Law (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Bachelor at The Hague University of Applied Sciences!



For the past ten years, weve had the good fortune to have our campus in one of Hollands most handsome buildings, right in the city centre of The Hague.

Our campus

Our campus is entirely surrounded by water, a kind of city within a city. Life on campus revolves around the magnificent oval atrium hall, with its soaring glass ceiling. Nearly 20,000 students and 1,700 staff pass through here every day.

There are works of art dotted all over our campus paintings, sculpture and photography. Were proud of our sizeable modern art collection, and we like to share it with the world. It adds something quite special to the atmosphere on campus

There are always events happening here, from celebrations and social gatherings to conferences and symposia, from local to international.

Our other campuses

We also have regional campuses in the city of Zoetermeer (Academy of ICT & Media) and Delft (Academy of Technoloy, Innovation & Society Delft) and the Laan van Poot in The Hague (Academy of Sports Studies).

Facilities and services

Here at The Hague University, we want both our students and staff to live, work and in comfort on campus, with access to all the modern comforts.

We want to ease your stay here. From making sure you have a state-of-the-art computer to work on, to serving you a hot chocolate during your coffee break.

We also pride ourselves in our people services, like our student coaching and counselling programmes.

Food and beverages

On our campuses you will find various restaurants. The offered products can vary between the different restaurants. Besides the restaurants there are also food & beverage vending machines available on every floor. These machines supply coffee, tea, soup, soft drinks and candy.


Its a good idea to have your own personal computer, if youre going to be studying here.

But logging on is easy at The Hague University. Whatever your subject, we have the specific programmes that you will need throughout your study programme. All of our computers have basic Microsoft Office installed, which you can use for free.

Our Central ICT Service Desk

Our Central ICT Service Desk is here to take care of your computing needs all day, every weekday. Our services include:

  • Taking care of your print account
  • Scanning
  • Colour print-outs
  • Resetting your password (with a valid identity card)
  • Lending you audio-visual aids (with a valid identity card)
Information centre

You can find out all you need to know about studying at The Hague University at our Information Centre. Its easy to find, located at the heart of the building.

Starting a new study programme can be a daunting prospect and were here to help make it easier. Come along to the Information Centre and we will answer any specific questions you may have on admission, registration, finances, shorter courses, or any other study-related topics.

The International Office

The International Office is responsible for all non-academic matters concerning international students in the programmes The Hague University delivers in English. This means that we can assist you in arranging practical matters such as your provisional residence permit (entry-visa or MVV) and residence permit, your accommodation in The Hague, your insurance and all your financial matters. We can help you to become a student at The Hague University, whether you want to be a student in a fulltime programme or an exchange student at our university. When you are a student at The Hague University, the International Office can help you getting advice and financial support for study or internship abroad.

Opening hours

Our office is located in the center of the University complex, in Ovaal 0.74. The opening hours of our front office are from Monday Thursday from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. During these hours one of our staff members is present to assist you and to answer any question you have on the subject mentioned above. Please feel free to come and see us!


As a student, you have access to all the resources and services of our central library. You can delve into our wide collection of books, magazines, dissertations and electronic data resources. Our library facilities include:

  • electronic catalogues with descriptions of all our resources
  • tables for both group and individual studies
  • 400 study areas
  • 50 study areas with PCs and internet connection
Digital library

In addition to borrowing, browsing and studying various information sources, you can also use the digital library (at home). Through the library site, you can access various catalogues, databanks and other digital sources. You will also find a digital helpdesk that is available 24/7.


If youre the sporty type, youll have lots of opportunities to stay active on campus. Our Sports Office at The Hague University organises a wide range of sporting activities to keep you fit during your studies.

Youll be able to work out in our fully equipped fitness centre or take part in events in our university sports hall.

Just buy a sports and fitness card when you arrive itll allow you to use the facilities, or take part in subsidised classes.

Study coaching

We want to make sure that your studies run as smoothly as possible. We have a support network in place to guide you to advise you and help solve any problems along the way.

Student counsellors (decanen)

Our student counsellors provide all-round confidential support whether its study or financial advice or a personal issue. Our services include:

  • Providing help, advice and support
  • Supplying information on educational and study matters
  • Advising on student finance and funding arrangements
  • Mediating between teachers and students to solve study problems
Student Affairs Office

Our Student Affairs Office manages things like:

  • Equality for all students
  • Providing and supporting student facilities (sports, cultural activities and the sponsor fund)
  • Maintaining contacts with student unions

All students can contact the Student Affairs Office by email:

Confidential counsellor

If you have any grievances during your stay in The Hague, you can have a private interview with our confidential counsellor who will try and help you come to a solution.

Student psychologist

Experiencing study or personal problems? Our student psychologist will be able to help put you on the right track with information on training courses, books/magazines and websites. You can make an appointment with the student psychologist after seeing a student counsellor.

Studying with a disability

If you have any special needs, mention them to us when you enroll at The Hague University. Our Student Counsellor will then help make any provisions for you.

Most of the University building is accessible. There are several adapted toilets, accessible lifts and a hearing system in the auditorium. We can also provide transport for people with special needs.

Renting accommodation for events

Since August 1996 almost all the academies of The Hague University have been housed in a beautiful and remarkable building complex. The location of the building is directly adjacent to one of the city's main railway stations and within walking distance of the centre.

The campus of The Hague University offers a lot of potential for all kind of events such as congresses, lectures, business days and meetings. The building is also a perfect location for films, television and commercial productions. Already two Dutch television productions and one international film production (' Mindhunters' by Renny Harlin) have chosen The Hague University as their indoor and outdoor film location.

The building of The Hague University offers the usual classrooms and college rooms, but also has central rooms like an auditorium, an indoor entrance hall and a foyer. A lot of events can take place during school hours, but for that kind of events wherefore that is not possible The Hague University also has the possibility to rent the location in the weekends.

The Hague University offers possibilities for catering, audio-visual means and remaining support.

Student Life

With its international focus and busy cultural calendar life in The Hague is never dull. Eat out in the cheap cafés or visit one of our galleries or museums.

Restaurants and cafés

Dine out at a host of international restaurants Mexican, Indian, Thai and Turkish. For cheap quality food try out the 'eetcafés' or 'grand cafés. These serve low-priced meals, and turn into bars later in the evening. There are loads of fast food outlets around The Hague serving our famous version of french fries with mayonnaise. Visit VVV Tourist Office at Central Station for a list of restaurants.

Bars and pubs

The Hague boasts a wide variety of bars and pubs mainly in the city centre or along the Scheveningen waterfront. International students often hang out at Siezo and Xieje (next to the University) and The Fiddler, The Buddha Bar or Havana (in the city centre). Or try one of the many bars in the or on Plein such as Danzig in de Tropen.

Most pubs call last orders at around 2 a.m.

Discos and clubs

Most clubs are around the city centre. Most fill up after midnight, and many offer student nights (every Thursday, entry to Havana is free with a student ID card). Try Salsa nights on Wednesdays at Greve, or Techno on a Saturday night at Torenstraat 138.

Art and culture

The Hague has over 1,000 museums and historical sites, with paintings from the Dutch masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. For information and a calendar of events visit:

Events and festivals

Look out for major events in The Hague in the Haagsche Courant, the local newspaper.

  • 29 April KoninginnenachPeople come from far and wide to celebrate the Queens birthday (30 April) and watch the live acts and performers.
  • May - Vlaggetjesdag This is the fishery festival in Scheveningen, marking the beginning of the herring season.
  • The Hague Jazz The European Jazz Festival, attracting some of the worlds top jazz artists and fans
  • June Parkpop This free festival is held every year in the Zuiderpark on the last Sunday in June.
  • September - Prinsjesdag in The Hague The Queen takes a carriage ride through the city to open the parliamentary season in the Binnenhof. It takes place on the third Tuesday in September.
  • September - Monumentendag An open day for historical buildings and monuments, when you can get a glimpse inside buildings that are usually closed to the public.
Sport around The Hague

There are also loads of activities and sports venues around the city. The Hagues tourist website lists all types of activities. The City-Pier-City run is the perfect example of how you can get involved join thousands in this half marathon from the city to the Scheveningen Pier.


The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) accredits study programmes offered by Dutch universities. All international bachelors and masters programmes offered by THU are recognised by NVAO.

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