Marbella University

Marbella, Spain
MARBELLA UNIVERSITY is a non-governmental private academic institution which offers an advanced educational curriculum based on scientific knowledge integrated with a highly practical and solution oriented perspective. The educational programs allow students to deal with challenges in their future careers in a responsible and effective manner.
  • 2 Bachelors


The state of humanity and the earth demands outstanding academic education in the fields of business, politics, hospitality, media, and psychology. Relevant knowledge and professional competences which take into consideration human needs and ethical values are of utmost importance.

MARBELLA UNIVERSITY is a non-governmental private academic institution which offers an advanced educational curriculum based on scientific knowledge integrated with a highly practical and solution oriented perspective. The educational programs allow students to deal with challenges in their future careers in a responsible and effective manner.

MARBELLA UNIVERSITY offers a strong practical approach through its laboratories where students can train their practical skills in order to best understand theories. The learning processes promote a rock-solid integrity and moral character as well as a responsible orientation for humanity and the earth in the perspective of decades.

Marbella University offers you an academic education based on:

  • Knowledge and professional skills of global relevance
  • Focus on global problems of humanity and the world
  • Future oriented multiple network analysis
  • Holistic understanding of humans and societies
  • Multi-cultural and balanced ethical orientation


1. Knowledge: Acting based on significant knowledge.
2. Professionalism: Working with relevant skills for efficiency.
3. Global: Analyzing and decision making in global perspectives.
4. Vanguard: Holistic analysis, thinking, decision making, and acting.
5. Ethical: Responsibility in human, environmental, and global matters.
6. Multi-cultural: Integrative understanding of cultural characteristics.
7. Future-oriented: Thinking and acting in perspectives of 50 years.
8. Human: Caring for the genuine human values and human life.
9. Personality qualities: Strong focus on rock-solid integrity and strength.

Mission Statement

- To provide students with knowledge and skills to excel in a global world.
- To establish an academic institution with vanguard educational values.
- To promote a new perception with a multi-cultural and ethical orientation.
- To foster a holistic understanding of humans, societies, and environment.

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (1)
Social Sciences (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Bachelor at Marbella University!


The Marbella University administration office is at every students disposal to assist them in finding suitable accommodation through the various local ties to property developers and real estate owners.

Student Residence

Hostal Alicia in San Pedro de Alcantara is conveniently located for MU students. The family-run hostal is a friendly and safe environment for students to live and enjoy the local town.

All rooms have TV, Wi-Fi, bathroom and air-conditioning. In the adjacent restaurant students can choose to have breakfast, lunch and or dinner at reasonable rates.

MU Laboratories

Studying at MU is not solely a unique opportunity given the Academic Foundation of the University and the environment of Marbella itself, but also due to the practical element of the degrees offered through MU Laboratories.

Acquiring real-life knowledge and learning about professional skills is an essential part of the studies at MU. MU gives importance to adapting knowledge and skills into real professional patterns. The MU laboratories give students the opportunity for role plays, creating models of businesses, developing designs and presentations, and other professional situations with a real impact.

A variety of local business owners also offer their businesses as off-campus Laboratories where students can offer their analysis, develop innovations, and create new concepts (marketing, promotion, business structure, PR, psychological insights, etc.).

This practical approach, partly integrated in the lectures and partly imparted as separate events, is also an essential source for the yearly projects as well as the final thesis.

Student Life

Marbella life is best described as smart-casual. It enjoys a relaxed, almost hedonistic lifestyle drawing on the wealth and experience of residents who predominate in the nearby affluent urbanizations. These embrace Golf Valley in Nueva Andalucia; exclusive residential estates in La Zagaleta and Sierra Blanca, each with their panoramic views of distant Africa and Gibraltar with its incomparable sunsets.

Compared to elsewhere in Europe Marbella is relatively free of crime, unsociable behavior, and as you might expect is environmentally friendly.

The list of ongoing events; business, social, sport and leisure opportunities could never be adequately set out on a website. To these can be added shopping experiences that attract the most self-indulgent. Car enthusiasts too will be spoiled for choice and limited only by their imagination and of course their bank balance.


Here the worlds foodies discover the gourmet delights served up in this most gourmet eclectic of cities. Be prepared for many more than the traditional dishes of Andalusias countryside and its sea fare. Here you will find international cuisine at its best as you explore a myriad of watering holes; bistros, bars, restaurants and clubs.


There was good reason for the coveted Sports City of Europe award being granted to Marbella. Golf and tennis, when set against the many other sports available, are minority pursuits: There really is an abundant choice. Whatever your sporting interests, including water sports, presume to be more than adequately provided for.

Imagine; water sports with a choice of sun-drenched beaches stretching 100km along a languorous coastline in the morning; lunch, and then skiing in the Sierra Nevada ski resorts in the afternoon.


To study in Marbella is to absorb a truly international environment, free from pollution where it is safe and secure. Equally important there is easy and cheap access to the culturally rich cities of Granada, Seville and Cadiz.

To Marbellas quality of life can be added a unique lifestyle experience considered by many to be Elysian. It is doubtful if anywhere else on earth is so complementary to the perfect education and graduation.

Studying in Marbella means living in an international environment with residents from all over the world, free from pollution and only a stones throw away from amazing world renowned cultural opportunities.

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